In how many days should I bathe my dog? Points to remember during bathing

This is the type of question that every dog owner has to go through from time to time, and no clear reasons seem to work here. The answer to this question depends more on your dog’s lifestyle.


If you take your dog on regular walks there are high chances of him getting all dirty in mud due to their habit of digging and sitting in mud. If this is the case you can’t do anything but give him bathe every once in a week or else he’ll start stinking and there could be skin infections due to accumulated mud in his hair.

If your dog stays indoor he’ll be all clean and tidy so such frequent bathe sessions aren’t very necessary for him, bathing him once a month will do. Make sure you don’t bathe you dog more than once a week as it can cause itchiness and skin problems.


Human shampoos have ph different from that of dog shampoos, if it goes in their eyes it can cause burning, it also dries your dog’s skin.


Too much hot water can burn your dog’s skin as their skin is different from that of humans their skin is more on the soft side no matter how cold it is in your region too much hot water is a big no. It’s always suggested to use lukewarm water.


Dog’s get highly irritated on the application of hair dryers if you want to dry them use sunlight for that purpose or a cloth and dry them properly.


We use a lot amount of shampoo during bathing our dog so there are high chances of the shampoo not coming out fully even after you think it has for this you should rub his skin gently with your hand this will also help you will any hidden bumps, infections or parasites.

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