Is Dog Fart truly a thing? Can Probiotics help with that?

Ever been in the same room with your dog and the room is suddenly filled with the smell bad enough to make you feel nauseous you don’t understand for once where is it coming from but later realise your dog is the culprit. Anyone who has ever experienced this can understand that it becomes truly unbearable to be in that room. But these gas assaults are actually causing problems to in your dog’s tummy. The reason behind the farts could be he eating his food without chewing or improper diet. This bad smell is caused due to bacteria. Probiotics kill all these bad bacteria and increase the production of good bacteria. The healthy dogs can naturally do this but for the dogs that are sick or suffering for malnutrition probiotics are recommended. Probiotics helps in proper functioning of your dog’s gut .It helps them with diarrhea, vomiting or loss in appetite. When the probiotics will start to show their affect the gas won’t smell that bad.

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