What is my biggest parenting mistake as a dog owner?

I have a Labrador he is 10 months old and that is him in the picture ,He is everything I could have ever asked for we got him during lockdown when he was just 25 day old and now look at him. There is something I wish we had taken care of when he was young ,if you have a dog you know they are very quick learners whatever you teach them or you don’t they learn in the first seven months after this period they become very rigid they do whatever they feel is good or bad. People warned me about this but I never took it too seriously not that there is anything bad about him he is just PUR-FECT, but there are times when I see all those people who post pictures with their dogs in beautiful outfits or make reels and wonder why can’t I do this with him, and the reason being he won’t let me put on a single piece of clothing on him he is that stubborn. Not just this there are many things if you get him trained by a professional trainer he will understand your commands and that I think is something every dog should understand. Imagine when guests come over to your place and he wouldn’t stop barking? If he could understand your command this task would be far more easy. Or when both of you are bored and you decide to play fetch with him you’ll throw the ball he’ll get the ball that is something every dog does but wouldn’t return the ball to you? Than all you can do is snatch the ball from him .

Training your dog or not is entirely your decision all I would say is take the time you have very seriously and if you could teach him some basic commands and some pooping habits you will be much happier in future.

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