Food that is to be given during fever

We give everything we eat to our dogs the things they are supposed to eat and the one’s they are not though in small quantities but we do, we couldn’t stop ourselves when they make that cute face and stand near us. This is completely normal in regular days but one should be extra cautious when your dog is not well as they cannot digest heavy food when they are sick. Foods like chapati, breads should be strictly avoided.


coconut water:-

Sickness of any sort can make your dog feel dehydrated so it’s the best time to bring coconut water into picture as it has all the right nutrients to fight the fever and it is equivalent to three meals so he will feel energetic even with no food.

Ice cream:-

Now this might sound a bit stupid but trust me this works wonders even better than the medicines. There’s a well said proverb ” Diamond cuts diamond” which stand true here also. You should always go for a Vanilla cup, chocolate should be strictly avoided. Two ice creams a day and you will see the results in two days.


First dogs love curd more than anything. Curd is believe to help in digestion which otherwise gets very difficult during fever, and it also boosts immunity.


This will give him some energy and fill his tummy. He might not eat it first but you can always mix curd or milk according to your dog’s preference. This is something you should give him on normal days also.

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