What are the signs one should never IGNORE?

For the last two days, my dog was not being himself like he is all goofy and mischievous but these days he was being distant from all of us we thought this is because my father was out of town and he is most attached to him. So we ignored all the signs but we shouldn’t have done that. Today in the morning also he wasn’t eating anything so we thought we should take him to the vet just for the routine checkup, but when the doctor told us he had a 104-degree fever it blew our mind completely. A day before he vomitted in the morning but we also ignored that we thought we should change the food. Now his fever is a bit under control as the doctor gave him a few injections and put him on a drip for an hour, and this treatment is going to last for three days for a full recovery.


DEHYDRATION:- If your dog is suffering from a fever he’ll drink a lot of water than usual keep him hydrated.





Just one thing before I end is whenever you bathe him make sure you dry him nicely with a dry cloth and then take him out in the sun for at least an hour because their fur is too thick and they take a lot of time to get all dried. This negligence on our part made our dog suffer so much and also vitamin D is excessively important for dogs. So this serves two purposes.

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