Why do dogs stop eating food suddenly?

This is the most common problems that every dog parent has been through or will go through .Dogs can be really stubborn at times when they decide they don’t want to eat they will not eat no matter if you give them their favourite treat also. This behaviour literally scares us as parents because we can’t stand our child not eating food. There are multiple reasons responsible it could be as simple as not liking the food to as complex as diseases such as cancer, so I would recommend you to not take this lightly.

The most common reason behind him not eating that we are facing lately is that he is too bored of his regular food we have been feeding him with milk and chapati along with eggs in the morning , and some fruits in the afternoon and night because he doesn’t eat any vegetable so we are not really left with much options earlier he used to eat dahlia and oats but now has stopped eating all this he doesn’t even look at it. For the past two days he wasn’t eating anything we were really very worried we tried giving him omelette as dogs love eggs but didn’t eat . Then one of our friend suggested us to change his food we never thought this would work but it did. We gave him bread and milk and he loved it a lot we used to avoid bread earlier as it is not healthy but since not left with much options we had to do this .

Other reasons could be:-

  • Constipation
  • Wash his bowl once in which he eats his food
  • if the food is too dry try adding warm water
  • there could be some infections ,you should talk to his vet.

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