What are dog zoomies? What is the reason behind it?


Ever seen your dog running around like crazy as if a car is running in full speed and suddenly the brakes stopped working and it’s become unstoppable. Same thing happens to a dog when he is very happy or very sad it is his way for releasing the excess energy that got stored in him. For instance I went on a vacation with my family a few days back unfortunately we couldn’t take our dog there so we had to leave him with at our relatives place as they too have a dog so we thought this would be a good idea. He was there for 3 days on the 4th day when he got him home he entered the house and started running like anything we were trying to get hold on him but couldn’t and after doing this for 2-3 minutes he stopped on his own and lay down where every one was sitting and started licking everyone that was his way of telling how much he missed us.

You will notice these zoomies very frequently when you will bathe him because that brings happiness to him just like it does to humans, when you take bath suddenly you feel fresh and energetic. This will also happen when he’ll see his favourite person after a long time there is absolutely nothing to worry about this it is very normal.


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