What would be a PUR-FECT Valentine’s day with your dog?

Being single on valentine’s day doesn’t feel right? Does it? While everyone in the world is celebrating this day with the one they LOVE and you are there watching them from a distance and thinking wish you also had someone to celebrate this day with. But ever thought there is this one loyal creature on this planet who will never break your heart and will love you more than you will ever love him. That’s what this day is all about right?

Discover the un discovered:-

Go hiking explore more beautiful places in the world besides it is always fun to have such a enthusiastic partner with you. Also it would work as a fun exercise for him.

A little shopping doesn’t hurt:-

Why not go on shopping with him buy things for yourself get him some cute stuff things he need or he doesn’t a bit spoiling is okay. Get him anything he likes chew toys, sticks, balls etc.


Why not make him food that you don’t give him on the regular days. You can make him treats that are healthy as well as tasty you could use anything like banana, apple, mango etc. These are the fruits which he can eat as they won’t affect his health and they are tasty.


Bathing is common and is one of the best ways to pamper your dog, but this is done regularly, why not try something new. Why not a pedicure and a gentle head massage believe me they love it and they’ll quickly fall asleep. What can be more relaxing than a massage?

This is all I do with my dog on all the special days or when I want him to feel good . Any suggestions from your end are welcome!

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