How does Parvovirus spread? Is it contagious?

Parvovirus also known as CPV(Canine parvovirus) has become a very common cause for death of dogs in recent times. This virus is a lot in news and mostly the street dogs are prone to it as they aren’t given the proper vaccination for this virus. This virus enters the other dogs body through feces ( dog’s poop). Even though it is a curable disease but if not provided with proper treatment the mortality rate can be as high as 91%.

The signs could be easy to understand if your dog is suffering from the disease or not. If he has become a lot lazy or lethargic for last 3-4 days this is something you shouldn’t ignore because if not this virus he could be having some other issues that you must look for because an active dog won’t just becoming lazy. Other signs include diarrhea(bloody) vomiting , loss of appetite etc. If you observe any signs mentioned above you should not take them lightly and take your dog to his vet. As if this virus prevails for long in his body it can weaken his immune system leading to more problems in future.

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