The dog I was writing about in the previous posts died today morning. I don’t know why loosing him feels more like a personal loss though I have known him for a week. That’s what dogs do make you their’s and the kind of love they shower is something no one can describe in words.

I was very hopeful since day before yesterday when the doctor said his leg is all fine and he seemed fine too ,eyes were a problem but the doctors said he’ll be fine. When I visited him yesterday to put eye drops in his eyes that the doctor prescribed he didn’t seem too well for a while but when his mother came around he was all cheerful and goofy. This one time a bad thought crossed my mind but I took my mind off it. I really thought I’ll save this one but unfortunately couldn’t. When after all this happened I went to his doctor to ask how all this happened he said it could be parvovirus which is spreading rapidly. Since this virus is contagious he said it could have spread to his mother and siblings too and if left untreated it could be deadly.

But after what’s happened today I blame myself entirely for it I should have kept him at my home he would have been alive by now. I don’t know why I relied on such a bad shelter home when I had to request them to keep that poor baby with them I should have understood how they are going to treat him. Never in my life I am going to keep another dog in a shelter home.

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