How it feels to save a life that for once you thought was impossible?

So in my previous two blogs, I wrote about a street dog that got hit by a car. Today was day 7 of his treatment we took him to different doctors for the best treatment but every doctor gave a different opinion on his eye but about his leg, they said it is all fine and okay, we were all surprised we didn’t believe the doctor at first and took him to the best hospital in town for a second opinion even the doctors there were surprised when they examined his bone I told him how on day 1 when all this happened I took the dog to the hospital and the doctor there said he needs to have plastered leg for 40 days.

Then on the third day when again we took him to the doctor, she said he needs surgery and I don’t how miraculously his leg is all fine on the 7th day he is able to walk fine the doctors are rather concerned about his eye we told him all what happened and how his eyes were fine when all this happened and how after he came back from shelter home this was the condition of his eye. The doctors said this was because they didn’t give the dog the necessary pain killers that he needed on day 2nd and 3rd pain can sometimes affect your eyes. But there is nothing to worry about he said as with proper care and medicines he’ll be fine in 7 days. He has prescribed medicines for deficiency of VITAMIN A and an eye drop that we are supposed to put in his 4 times a day for best results. I asked people living around the area where I left the dog that if they could give him medicine I was amazed when they said “THIS IS NOT OUR DUTY” I mean what is wrong with humans these days why can’t they do a little bit for a creature who can do anything for him? HUMANITY IS SO DEAD!

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