SO this blog is in continuation with “How Cruel the World Is With Dogs”. I wrote a lot about the dog I found on the road the other day. Today I went to see him if he is okay because her plaster is due. I was terrified when I saw his condition his eye ball turned all blue after seeing that for once I couldn’t focus on the leg. more than 70% of his vision’s got blurred. When I asked him about what has happened to him they weren’t answering and were rather emphasising more on how I should take the dog.

I asked them if he eating anything or are they feeding him food they said yes he is so full that he wouldn’t anything I don’t know why I couldn’t trust them and I gave the dog a biscuit and he was eating as if he hasn’t eaten anything in a day. He ate the entire packet in less than a minute he was starving. Then I asked them if they are giving him the pain killers because when I first got the dog in the centre I told them what the doctor has said “that he needs to get 2 shots of pain killers on a daily basis” but when I took him to the nearby hospital the doctor said he is in a terrible condition and that something is to be done about his condition by tomorrow or it will be too late. So tomorrow finally we are going to take him to the best hospital and get the treatment started. I hope that he gets fine soon.

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