People these days have become so busy and inconsiderate that they wouldn’t stop for a single second even if they have cause harm to someone or if someone is crying for help. They have the audacity to hit someone on the road and walk by and the crowd would nicely gather and do nothing about it . Yes this might sound like a typical road accident that happen almost regularly in our country and even after several steps were taken the results were absolute zero. So, here I am not talking about human hitting another human but human hitting a dog, which is even more pathetic because those poor creatures couldn’t ask for help.

So yesterday what happened was while I was returning home around 3:30 in the afternoon a car crushed a 25 days old pup’s leg as the puppy was so weak and malnutrition the damage done , was a lot and even after crushing his leg, the owner of the car didn’t even get out of his car to see what happened After seeing all that I couldn’t leave that pup like that I took him to the nearby hospital he was in great pain his bone got ruptured the doctor first cleaned the blood and then gave him an injection that would work as a pain killer. The doctor later suggested that on the third day a PLASTER is to be applied and then for 40 days intense care is needed. Later she suggested I should keep him at my home for 40 days if this was possible she’ll continue the treatment else the treatment won’t be effective. Since I already have a dog keeping him at my home wasn’t possible for me. I called all the NGOs’ and asked them if they can keep him or could give me the number of a good shelter home and to my surprise, there ain’t a single shelter home in my town I requested one of the care centres that the NAGAR NIGAM is running to keep him they directly refused I said I will bear all the expense of the treatment now if they can keep him ? They took him with them but I didn’t find them very reliable so I go there daily and that place is very far from my place that is bit of a problem but no matter what I won’t leave him like that. But the question arises that why do we not have proper shelter homes for animals do they not deserve a good life or are they on this planet to get hit by someone and eventually die? Something needs to be done!

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