How does being so far from your buddy feels??

So this is the first time since he’s come home that I haven’t seen him for such a long time today it’s been four days and It’s actually very difficult to not able to see him for so long. So when i was coming here and all the bags were packed he being so smart he understood that I am going somewhere,my brother was keeping all the bags in the car and as soon as he opened the door of the car he quickly came outside and sat inside the car I never wanted him to come at the first place because I knew I won’t be able to go if he’ll be there. All the time i was in train I kept calling him until everybody at my home got irritated of me and Niyu slept . When I was in train My parents told me he got all sad and wasn’t eating anything. This is something he does when anyone goes out .So when I was home i used to start my morning by looking at his cute face and I can’t break this ritual ever so even here I video call him every morning just to see him and everytime I call his name he licks the screen and that is such a beautiful start to the morning . As the day goes by i video call and see him many times. But truly this is not a good feeling being so far from him I wish I could take him every where I go. I want to go home as soon as possible and give him a tightest hug but thanks to technology I can see him Daily .

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