Life is all about those wonderful moments we spend with the ones we love we can be at any place in the world if we have them, we are going to be happy anyways. How we talk about the moment once after it’s long gone and there is nothing you can do about it but live it to the fullest and that doesn’t only imply to humans its very true with our AWE-SOME BUDDIES.

I have this habit of clicking my dog’s picture on a very regular basis many of you might think of me as a fool because obviously, he wouldn’t change in a day. My gallery is actually filled with his pictures I don’t know what joy it brings to me to relive those moments by looking at the pictures. Ever since he was this tiny little pup I have been doing this and today he is 9 months old when I look at those pictures it gets impossible to believe that he’s grown so much in front of us. I took pictures of the first time he played fetch or the first time he wore a sweater or for that matter the first time he bit me real bad. It’s always fun to see all the pictures it’s like I can never get tired of looking at them.

Scratching him all over has to be my favourite and he loves it too you should definitely try it once when you’ll scratch him he’ll first move his leg as if he is cycling and that is soo satisfying to watch and after you continue for a while he will take his tongue out and that is something I can watch anytime it can fix even the worst of moods.

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