What are some of the grooming habits that you must regularly follow?


This is one of the most important habit that you must follow and also it doesn’t take more than 2 minutes you can simply run a comb while walking or working . This is considered so important because the fleas and ticks you couldn’t see with your eyes would easily come out with the comb. Also any accumulation of dirt or any particles will also be removed. If you don’t remove them timely it will cause excessive itching on his body leading to hair fall and dryness.


This is a very nice practice though should be done with precision as it can hurt him or you if you cannot do it you can always take help of a professional. If you take him on regular walks than you don’t have to do on a regular basis as they get a bit less sharp when they dig in the soil which is their favourite thing.


This should be done more often in summers specially if you have a dog with thick dense hair as they feel a lot hot because of their hair and that make them irritated and restless . In winter season trimming should be avoided because their hair keeps them warm.


Fresh coat is something you should apply on your dog regularly as it keeps them fresh and clean it’s a nice alternative to bathing when its’s not possible due to any reason like cold weather or when he not well you can always rely on fresh coat. Also it has a nice smell and you don’t have to touch water at all. The application is also very easy. You can easily find fresh coats on AMAZON.

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