What is my idea of a Perfect new Year with my PAW-SOME buddy?

So when it comes to the new year or any festival I never had any plans as I am someone who would rather sit home than go out and party. I prefer being at home with a hot cup of coffee and a nice movie. But this time I wanted to do something more not for me but for my dog as it was his first new year.

So the first thing we(me and my brother)did was to pamper him a bit, we bought a bathtub for him and we placed all his favourite toys in them so that he enjoys his bubble bath. Later we got a new dress for him it was red in colour with cute details that shone so bright when light was fell on them. The entire family was dressed in red that gave more of a Christmas feel. We clicked so many pictures together that is what we call “A PUR-FECT FAMILY PICTURE”. All this was followed by a yummy home made cake so that NIYU also can eat some.

Later we went to a temple because looking at 2020 blessings from GOD are very important before stepping into this new year. After that we went to a Dhaba for lunch because NIYU loves the food there this might surprise you a bit but seriously he doesn’t eat veggies a home but there it is like we have to stop him and there is a garden attached to it so we played fetch there with him for around half an hour. Then we headed home. After coming back we all were so tired that we jumped on our beds put on the blanket, Niyu also came and we slept . This for me was better than any new year’s I have ever celebrated.

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