What made me feel that I need to have a DOG?

So I was never really a dog person until last year when I went to Manali and Kasol with my friends. We were staying in a tent and in the next tent was a man and his labra his name was JACK. He was such a great pet and we became friends so quickly I never knew that I would ever love dogs this much. We were there for 2 days and in both the days I literally forgot that I went there with my friends I used to take him for walks, we once went on a short trek. We even drank water coming from the mountains he’d understand everything I said. I felt so safe and secure with him. Someone in Kasol tried snatching my wallet from me and that time JACK was with me he started barking like anything when the thief was running with my wallet he ran after him and got me my wallet back and I hugged him so tight that for once I forgot he isn’t mine. Next day JACK was going back and I had tears In my eyes as if I am losing something that I have known for years and that is mine. All this happened and we came back from MANALI.

An year later lockdown happened again I saw a LABRA somewhere I started convincing my parent’s to get me one and I will take full charge of it(though that never happened). I met JACK IN MANALI on 7th JUNE and I got my NIYU on the same date and it wasn’t planned at all. Today It’s been 9th months we have him he’s grown to be a beautiful dog a bit mischievous though and that only keeps us entertained. It’s a big reponsibility but I believe everyone should pet a dog once in there life you will definitely never feel alone and you will hardly depend on humans for your happiness and loyalty.

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