JUST like every person that comes into your life brings along with them lots of emotions that definitely change from time to time the changes are based on our/their mood’s or our changing equations. We experience almost 3-4 emotions with an individual like LOVE,HATRED,GUILT,HEARTBREAK etc. The same way bringing a dog into your life will also make you go through all these feelings on a very regular basis there would be times when you’ll think “what would you do without him in your life” and on others when you’d want to get rid of them which is pretty normal almost everyone goes through this.


I hate waking up early in the morning like this is something I can’t do ever. I remember how my mother used to yell at me for getting up early during my 12th BOARDS, I used to wake up every time just to sleep in 5 mins and finally get up at 8:30 as the exam would begin at 10AM. So yes my dog wakes me up at 5am every morning as he needs food. If I don’t wake up he starts barking which literally gives a headache. Thanks to him that I have become a morning person and my sleep cycle is finally fixed. But yes there are times when I ask myself why I got him home in the first place?


This emotion is pretty normal and obvious to all and you’ll fall head over heels in love with him certain times in a day when he makes that cute face while sleeping or when he comes running to you after you’ve come from work. LOVE is the only reason you stand all the mischiefs he does and the trouble he causes because your love for him and his love for you is above everything in the world.


When we go on walks I take 3 rounds and he plays with his friends by the time it takes around 30 mins. I feel this is enough but as soon as we start approaching the exit he starts barking or starts walking towards the garden which is his way of asking me to be here for a little longer as he wants to play in the grass. Initially, I used to get a lot irritated by this as I had chores that were to be done, but slowly gradually I also started enjoying with him that made me realise that we are so busy in our lives that we are not making time for the ones that are important.


The other day I was doing something on my phone while sitting on the couch he suddenly out of nowhere jumped on the couch and my phone fell down and it was my new phone which I got the same day. I got very angry and yelled at him. A few hours later when my anger calms down and I realised that I scolded him really badly I went to him and hugged him very tightly and slept next to him. I felt bad about it but wasn’t that human? I didn’t intend on doing it.

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