How to Keep your four-legged kid busy while you are working?

Boredom in dogs is something that can bring the worst out of them in makes them so destructive that the will begin to destroy anything they get be it your slippers, stoppers, mats and for that matter anything. The same happens if they feel neglected by their owners this lockdown period almost all of us are working from homes and are very busy with our office’s that we are unable to make time for our pets while this shouldn’t be done. At times it gets very difficult but efforts should be made from our end to make time for them. You can always play with them during your break time even for 5 mins that will keep them happy for the rest of the day. You can either play FETCH or HIDE AND SEEK. If you don’t want to play also you can always go on a short walk with them. Exercising is also a very nice way as it serves two purposes one keep them entertained and also taking care of their body. After your work is finished you can go on a long drive as there’s no better companion than him with some great music and air coming in the perfect way to release stress.

You can also do things that you feel will keep him happy and entertained, But you should at least take 10 mins out for him as this will also make you feel happy.

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