There are times when you have planned a perfect trip for yourself and your family everything is sorted from the tickets to the stay, and how much you are going to have then suddenly you think of your pet and your happiness gets reduced to 50% because you cannot leave him alone at home ,but what if you can take him with you wouldn’t it be the most PUR-FECT HOLIDAY .


If you are a travel enthusiast then you should definitely visit Manali once in your lifetime situated at a height of 2050 m above sea level this beautiful location is all surrounded by mountains and rivers. Imagine waking up to the sound of water with the most perfect weather. Almost all the hotels and tents in Manali and Kasol are pet friendly so you can easily get a nice inexpensive stay for you and your fur ball.


Also known as the “queen of hills” this beautiful hill station rightly justifies the title given to it. It is 2005 m above sea level. It is suggested to visit Mussoorie between march till june as during this time the weather is the most favourable for some sight seeing. If we talk about stays you can easily get one in mall road that too in affordable rates. Mall road lies at the heart of mussoorie so it would be very easy for you fi you want anything for your travel buddy as everything is available at walking distance.


If you want to enjoy sun, sand, beach and some booze at the same time than this is the place for you. For someone who loves beaches goa is a must go place for them. You can easily rent bikes if you want to explore the city a little. Fun fact dogs can swim too so this is one of the greatest reason you should take your pet with you too Goa. You also don’t have to worry a thing about his food as almost all cuisines are available in Goa.


If you are somebody who has a thing for architecture of any sort than trust me Delhi is a place for you. A perfect place where you’ll meet people from all walks of life. Even if you are interested in shopping and stuff you can definitely rely on Delhi there you can get clothes for as cheap as INR 100 To as expensive as idk you can add as many zeroes you desire . Why forget the food I can assure anyone who has nicely explored DELHI and eaten the street food out there can never ever forget Delhi In his life .

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