How Can You Strengthen Your Dog’s Immune System?

The immune system is as important as the heart in our bodies. It keeps away all the harmful toxins and bacteria that can cause damage in your body therefore working as a protective shield. If the immune system doesn’t work properly even the slightest cold or viral can be considered harmful. The same happens with dogs so it is very important for dogs to have a strong defence mechanism as they are more prone to diseases or certain allergies.


After each meal you should clean his bowl nicely so that no remaining food is left. All the flies and the bacteria start feeding on his food which can cause infections. Therefore it is advised to clean the bowl.


AS your dog grows old you should start incorporating food that is rich in vitamins and minerals in his basic packet food. They won’t directly eat it in once but you can mix the home made food with his food in the ratios he like. Then slowly you can decrease the ratio of packet food. When it comes to his you cannot rely on the packet food because despite all the promises that food is not sufficient to provide him with all the necessary vitamins, minerals . Deficiency of any required mineral, protein or vitamins can weaken his immune system . Therefore welcoming more diseases in his body.

For this you can incorporate:-






Or for that matter anything that is healthy for your dog.


This should be done at least 10 mins regularly. Exercising helps in digesting the food and makes the body warm due to the constant flow of blood in the body. Exercise also keeps the weight in control as excess weight can cause problems like obesity, high cholesterol which directly affects his immune system.


If your dog doesn’t eat the homemade food that you make for him than there is absolutely nothing to worry about it as nutritional supplements are available in the market and they are truly organic and also tastes good so you can easily add them to anything he doesn’t like and he’ll eat it happily.

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