What Causes Dry Skin In Dogs-Problems And Solutions?

Dry skin is not dangerous but it could result in problems like hair loss from a particular region, redness or burning sensation or some serious injuries. Dry skin can be easily noticed due to change in weather conditions, deficiency of essential nutrients or using shampoos that are too harsh on his hair.


Often when selecting the right shampoo for our furballs we often go with preferences like good fragrance the one that gives lather but all this should be avoided as shampoos like these contain a harmful chemical which is responsible for the formation of lather and the sweet smell. These shampoos are very harsh on his skin and can make his hair and skin dry.

CURE:-Use mild shampoos that suits his skin and before buying it always check the composition given on the back side of the bottle it should never contain paraben ,sodium laureath.


Thyroid is caused due deficiency of iodine or in some cases it could be genetic too. Thyroid is of two types hypothyroid and hyperthyroid the one in which you gain weight and in the other you lose weight. There are many problem that follows if you are suffering from thyroid and dryness is one of them.

CURE:-If you notice symptoms like immediate gain or lost in weight or immense hair fall or fatigue in your dog immediately take him to the vet.


When ticks bite on dog’s skin it cause a burning sensation at that place and due to over itching at the same place for long time the skin at that place get rough. So it is suggested to run a comb on his hair immediately after giving him bath.

CURE:-Use shampoos with anti-tick and anti-flea properties. Bathing should be done on regular intervals.


Just like in humans dog’s skin also gets dry in winters as the skin looses moisture during this time of the year he’ll often scratch his skin this will easily help you to understand the cause.

CURE:-You can add some olive oil or ghee to his food. There are some lotions also available that you can easily get from AMAZON. You will simply have to apply all over his skin just like you apply it to your skin. If you want to use something that is easily available at home than you can simply use olive oil, tea tree oil.


There must be something that your dog is allergic to it can be anything some food ,medications, mud, soil or for that matter even your perfume. Whenever they will come in contact with anything they are allergic to they will immediately show symptoms like irritation in nose ,scratching their skin, runny eyes etc.

CURE:-You should ask their vet about their allergies and avoid them coming into contact with anything they are allergic too.

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