Trimming Your Dog’s Nails-Importance and how Can it be done at home?

Trimming your dog’s nails is not as easy as it sounds there are a lot of things that one has to consider while trimming. It should be done at regular intervals as per your dog’s need. His nails can hurt you too while playing. Dogs often get anxious during this entire process so you should make sure you divert their mind by giving them treats or rewarding them for their good behaviour anything that can make them feel good.


You should never use the nail cutter you use to cut your nails. You should always use their nail clipper as their nails are much hard than us therefore using the wrong nail cutter can cause injury. Nail clipper comes in different sizes as per your dog’s need if you have a small breed you can use a small one and so on.


Trimming is considered as important as bathing. It should be done as per your dog’s nail growth. If you take your dog on regular walks then there are high chances that his nails are already chopped because dogs have this habit of digging the soil during this process they also lose the sharpness of their nails.


During the process of trimming, we don’t realise how much we have to cut and end up making it shorter. This shouldn’t be done because where the nails end there is a hard skin which could be cut if you cut the nails short.


Trimming should be done in proper lighting so that you can see how much of the cutting is actually required. Insufficient light can cause injury.

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