How To Take Right Care Of Your Senior Dogs?

Senior dogs demand more attention from their masters as compared to younger dogs. As they grow old they become less active therefore, they prefer to be home all day. So they often feel a little left out which makes them feel unhappy. Moreover, they get problems like diabetes, obesity or some sort of hearing issues. Just like humans growing old in dogs is not easy there are a lot of changes that they go through and this would definitely require some tenderness and co operation.

Frequent Checkups:-

This is very important because as they grow old they will have some or other problems due to a weak immune system. This could be very difficult for you to diagnose or even notice. So a month or once in two months visit to the vet is suggested to keep him fit and healthy.


You must be feeding him with a complete balanced diet since the starting for him to get all the required vitamins and minerals and the diet must be a heavy one so that his tummy is all full.But now you will have to be very careful with diet it shouldn’t be a very heavy meal because as they grow old their digestion gets weak,also there is a high chance of him gaining a lot of weight because of less mobility.


Spend proper time with your dog take him for short walks as it gets very difficult for them to be home all day.You can also play fetch with them at home if you don’t wish to go out as exercise is very important to keep him a little active and his body warm.

Proper Nutrients:-

As they grow old they will get deficient of a lot of vitamins and minerals as there body is not able to work on it.So it gets very important as an aware pet owner that you provide him with supplements that his body demands.


As dogs grow old, their hair might lose their shine if not taken care properly, so it is essential that you shampoo and condition their hair at regular intervals. Also, they can get a lot of ticks on their hair because of thick hair so proper trimming is also important.


It should be designed according to their needs if they have a problem with their vision to make sure his bed should not be at a height as it might cause troubles in getting down. If he has pain in his joints his bed should be very comfortable so that when he lays there he gets relaxed. Their accommodation should always be warm and cosy and should be clean and smell good

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