What Is The Cause Of Weight Loss In Dogs?

Weight loss is the most common cause in dogs. We don’t notice this immediately but gradually we do. There can be many causes some might not be very serious and would go away with time while the others can be of serious concerns that can be overlooked. Many times weight loss is because of some deficiency other times it could be because of a stressful time that he is going through that might need your attention.

Deficiencies Or Reasons :-

DOG FOOD:-The food we often trust our dog’s health with is not always as good as it is promised.After all, no matter how good quality food you buy it is adulterated in some way or the other and during his growth years he needs a proper balanced diet else it could lead to deficiencies in future.

STRESS:-If your dog is under the stress of some sort he’d naturally eat less, he might not eat for days if the stress continues to prevail. This in turn could lead to your dog losing a lot of weight.

IMPROPER DIGESTION:-Dogs often eat things that can cause harm to them and the sad part is you cannot do anything about is as one cannot keep an eye on their pets always. Some food items, plants or soil can cause serious infections in their intestines.

TASTE:-There are times when your dog gets bored with the food you are feeding him for so long. Their taste buds demand something different from the usual, so you should try changing the food or add something to the food that he likes to eat.

Tooth Or Gum Problem:-

This could be one of the biggest reasons your dog is avoiding food. He could have some problems in his gums or teeth it can be anything presence of some bacteria or residues left.




Heart diseases

Chronic Infection


This imbalance takes place as they are growing many changes takes place during this phase like losing or gaining of weight or behavioral changes like change is temperament or bloating of stomach etc.

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