Dental Care That You Must Follow For Your Dog’s Healthy Teeth And Gums.

Dental care is very important for a dog as they eat many things in a day some that you feed them with and others that they eat on the roads. So it is your duty as a dog owner to look after their teeth otherwise the treatment could be very heavy on your pocket and very painful for your furry friend. Brushing your dog’s teeth can be very difficult as they barely stand at one place so there are few alternatives for brushing that are easy and affordable to use.


Dental sticks can be used as regular chew sticks but they are also good for your dog’s teeth.It contains enzymes that controls bad breath and keeps his mouth fresh throughout the day.It is usually flavoured ,making your job easy as you don’t have to force your dog to chew it he will love the taste of it.It contains salt also which is the most essential ingredient in many toothpastes. therefore removing any buildup left in his teeth.


These rinses have anti plaque and anti calculus properties.It is an alternative for brushing and is far easy .It reduces the possibility of further diseases in his mouth.The liquids present in the rinse can kill the bacterias hidden in his teeth where even brush can’t reach.


As the name suggests it is in the form of a spray bottle.It is a perfect product for bad breath and any left over residue that might cause problem to your dog’s teeth and gums.Dental problems should be taken very seriously as it cause problems to many organs and can be deadly.You can open his mouth and spray it at least 4-5 times for best results.It tastes great so he will open his mouth on his own you don’t have to put in any efforts.


They are just like normal face wipes but slightly smaller in size.All you have to do is open his mouth and clean his teeth from back to front.It controls bad breath and helps fight germs.You don’t have to worry about the wipe as it is 100 percent tested and approved.

All these products serve the same purpose it’s you can use any product that you find convenient.

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