Fun Games You Should Definitely Play With Your Dog

Games are very important for the overall development of your dog’s personality.It trains his brain and keeps him engaged so that he doesn’t trouble you while you are doing your important work all you have to do is throw a ball and ask him to get it and you are sorted.It is also a fun exercise for him as it is necessary for dog’s so that they don’t put on much weight,as just like humans excess weight can lead to a lot of diseases.In this blog we’ll be discussing all the games that your dog will enjoy and you will love playing with him too.


This is the game where you will see him using his nose.You have to hide anything in one of your hands ,he loves and is willing to put some effort in finding him.All you have to do is show him the treat you will be hiding at least 3-4 times until you make sure he sees him and then hide it in your hand.Show him both your hands and he himself will keep his nose on one of your hand.


We all have played this game in our school or college .The rope shouldn’t be very long as it just you and your dog and it might hurt him.Pull the rope gently.This game will teach him balance.Although he won’t understand quickly what the game is about but shouldn’t give up teach him until he learns but also teach him pick and drop commands simultaneously.Occasionally allow him to win also as it will give him confidence and treat him with his favourite thing.


It’s similar to the hand game.In this game you have to place 3 cups in front of him and keep his treat under one of the cups and make sure he sees it.Then he will be staring it for a while and touch one of the cup with his nose.This game is good for increasing his concentration .


This is a good chasing game .Flirt pole is a stick with a rope attached to one of its end,all you have to do is make him catch the rope as it is nice mental exercise.It will make his reflexes quick.You can easily get flirt pole on AMAZON or in a local market.You can also make your own flirt pole at home.


In this game you can use either a ball or a frisbee.Throw them away from him and ask him to get it for him first show him the ball before throwing for that matter you can also play with him if he doesn’t seem interested once he enjoys playing with the ball throw it away from him,make sure he knows some basic commands.It trains his brain to follow orders.You should play this game regularly with him as they love playing this the most.


Go hide somewhere any corner of the house if your dog loves you he’ll eventually find you. kidding! This is a fun game to play with your dog and when he finds you hold him tight and give him a tight hug.

Hope you’ll enjoy playing these games with your dog.

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