Traits That will Tell If Your Is Introvert Or Extrovert

You know our dogs or just like us, there are some that loves going out with you for a long drive or for a short walk or love to play with other dogs they meet during their walk while there are others that don’t like to socialise much and will rather prefer to stay at home and sleep than go out. What determines your dog’s behaviour? Why are some dogs outgoing and others aren’t? How can one know if their dog is an introvert or not? There are certain characteristics that will help you understand this.


When you go on a walk with him try to leave him alone while you walk you can either run away from him or take a different route whole together than your regular route if he is confident he’ll not look for you and will enjoy his walk, whereas if he lacks confident he’ll not move an inch from where you left him an will look for you everywhere and will get sad in your absence.


If your dog loves socialising than he will meet all your friends or relatives that come to your place he’ll lick their feet or jump around them it could be anything but he’ll make all the efforts to make your guests feel at home, whereas if it is an anti-social he’ll hate anyone who comes to your home he’ll either bark a lot more than usual or will just sit in one corner and not move.


Dogs can be very obedient if you train them from the very start and it is very important too.You should play fetch with him if he’ll get the ball back to you he obeys you,and if you throw the ball and he doesn’t take any interest in getting the ball back and doesn’t follows your order he clearly doesn’t obeys you.

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