Adorable sleeping positions, You will Fall,In Love, With!

Ever noticed your dog’s sleeping manner if you haven’t yet you should me ,you wouldn’t regret but fall in love with him even harder.Every sleeping position has it’s own meaning while some mean they need something and demand a little attention of yours ,others simply mean that they are very happy and comfortable in your presence.You can even use certain beds available in the market if your dog sleeps in a certain manner.


If you carefully look a this position the first thing that you will ever think of is a SUPERMAN or any superhero who is ready for his flight,with his leg stretched outwards and he laying comfortably on his stomach.A dog’s body temperature is relatively higher than human beings this is the reason they feel more hot than humans.So they sleep in this manner because they are feeling hot or if you have covered them with some blanket they are probably not liking it. As the floor is much cooler than the surroundings they prefer sleeping this way.Elevated beds could be used as mesh in provided in them and it allows air to flow therefore making the hotter area cooler and vice versa.


This position will often be observed in dogs thin or fine hair or in winters mostly.They do this because they are feeling cold.So they curl their body which feels like they are hugging themselves tightly.Dogs that feel vulnerable or are introverts will also be found sleeping in this position as it makes them feel safe.Aspen Pet Self Warming Oval Lounger would be the best choice for your fur ball as it will make them feel safe and protected because of it boundaries on all the 4 sides and the extra soft fur will keep them warm throughout.


This is the most AWW-DORABLE position.Imagine your dog sleeping straight and turning around with his neck on one side and legs up in the air.He sleeps in this position when he is very much comfortable with surroundings and he is confident that nobody is going to hurt him.He won’t be sleeping like this when he is new to your house but gradually he will.Lounger Dog beds are preferred for this position as their cushion like surface gives rest to your dog’s back .The cushion gives support to their spine .


Just like humans dogs also sleep facing one side with their legs stretched outwards and their body relaxing.This is the most common position.Orthopedic dog beds are loved by dogs who sleep in this position.It has a large surface therefore also allowing them to curl is they feel like and it has a soft foam with walls that often work as cushions for them.

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