Points you should know to keep your dog cosy during winters.

Winters demand a bit more care and attention than usual to your dogs as just like humans each and every dog has its own capacity to bear this chilly weather.Breeds with thick coat can stand cold temperatures whereas dogs with not so thick coats can’t.The cold bearing capacity of your dog also depends on his age,his diet,his deficiencies or any such medical conditions.You should monitor him carefully during this season as he might show signs of things he needs to cope with such harsh weathers.Pay special attention if it’s his first winter after he is born.


Take him to place in your house where he gets enough sun.Make him sit in sun for at least 30 minutes you can sit with him too and play fetch or enjoy your favourite music and your dog sitting next to you,this is what relaxing truly means.This is beneficial for both of you as vitamin D decreases gradually from our bodies in winters due to not getting enough sunlight.


You must have noticed that dogs often prefer being outdoors be it your garden or the porch area that is the sole reason why they desperately wait for you to too open the main gate so they can run away.No matter how comfy the arrangement is inside the house they will always sleep outside.For this you should place his dog house a few inches above the ground and it should have blankets and mats inside it or for that matter you can also use hay and straw.


Winter clothing is must for your dog as you cannot make him sleep on your bed or sofa .The clothes should be of great quality it’s always nice to invest in essentials.You can easily get good quality clothes from AMAZON or from local markets at affordable prices.Afterall,his health is above money for us.


Don’t give him frequent bathes once or twice in a week is sufficient.As it will take a lot for time for his hair to dry and there are chances he might catch cold or fall sick so it is often suggested to reduce the frequency of bathes.Even if you are bathing him the water shouldn’t be cold it should be lukewarm.


Hair provide them warmth therefore it is better if you get it shaved in summers as it gets very hot but in winters it should be avoided.You can always use anti tick shampoos for any such problems but if not necessary removal of hair should be avoided.


You should take him for regular health checkups,the slightest signs that you feel are not normal shouldn’t be avoided.

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