Highly Recommended Vaccines For Your Dog.

Dogs are prone to diseases like parvovirus,rabies,hepatitis and even the infections caused by proximicy with street dogs as they are not vaccinated.Diseases like rabies are transmissible disease and can be dangerous for humans too.Improper vaccination can damage your dog’s immune system.So I’ll be writing everything about vaccination in this blog from the time when it should be done to how to protects your dog from certain diseases.

There are two types of vaccines:-








Lyme vaccine




If your dog is not given this shot on time there are chances of complete disfunction of his liver. The cause could be anything medication, toxins or drugs etc. It is suggested that this shot should be given to him between sixth to the eighth week. It costs around 350-400 per dose.


This vaccine works as a shield to protect your dog from any virus that can damage your dog’s respiratory, gastrointestinal and central nervous system. Your puppy should be given 3 doses of this vaccine in the 2nd,3rd and 4th month. For adult dogs, this dose is given twice annually in 3 4 week gap. It is highly recommended for dogs of all the ages. In government hospitals, you can easily get your dog this vaccine for free or at cheap rates.Whereas in private clinics or hospitals the cost of per shot lies between 350-400.


Rabies is a virus which can spread from a street dos to your dog and from your dog to you. Rabies is also spread by the bite of a bat. This vaccine also boosts your dog’s immune system. It is given when your dog’s is3 month old. Only 1 dose is given annually. If your dog is highly exposed to any virus or if you live in an area where there are a large number of street dogs are present you can get him this shot earlier than 3 months too after asking the vet. It will cost you around 400-500 per shot.


It is a deadly virus and can be very dangerous if not treated on time it can infect your dog’s gastrointestinal(GI) What makes it, even more, worse is its ability to spread the infection even after 10 days of being treated and cured. For puppies, it is given 3 times in the second, third and fourth month. For adult dogs, only 1 dose is given annually. The cost is around 200-300.

One can easily avoid non core vaccines if their dogs are fine and not having any infections.

I hope this article was helpful to everyone.

Thank you.Keep Reading

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