Choose The Right Toy For Your Dog!

Just like toys for kids come in a wide variety the very way they are for dogs infinite choices to select from and all with different uses.We often don’t give a thought as to which is the right toy for our dog and end up anything we like ,but this is not how it goes every dog has it own need.


These toys are very essential especially during his teething phase ,as during this time dogs get a lot more irritated than usual hence,he would want to destroy things that are hard.So get him this if you really want to save your carpets,footwear,door stoppers or for that matter your leg too.They are not at all expensive,so it’s a nice product to invest in as this is the only toy that can keep him busy and less irritated.


These are great toys especially if you want to strengthen your bond with your dog , you can play tug of war with him and let him win sometimes this will make him confident and you should reward him too this will maintain a healthy bond between you two.Another thing about this toy is it keeps your dog’s teeth healthy and gums strong.If your dog bites a lot this would definitely help you.


These toys serve 2 purposes ie.for chewing and playing.Dogs truly love the sound that the toy creates.They can literally chew it for hours without disturbing you.It actually gives them a chimera of actually biting their prey which they find very satisfying.Make sure your dog doesn’t swallow the squeaker.


These are great toys mainly for training purpose,this is the first to training to teach him fetch.Also it trains his brain for quick reactions.He learns to take orders and also understands them gradually.You can also play fetch with your dog anytime you are bored .Trust me you will be amazed by how quick and smart he is.

Hope you enjoyed the article ,Keep reading.

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