Plants That Can Cause Serious Life Threats

Ever wondered the plants you have in your garden could be dangerous for your dog.We never pay much attention to our dogs when he eats a few leaves, as we have been taught plants can never do any harm to us as they are great source for all the essential vitamins.But this isn’t the case with dogs.So in this blog i’ll be writing about the plants that you should keep your dog away from.


We often plant tomatoes in our kitchen garden in summers for our personal use as it grows quickly and looks beautiful,but have you ever noticed your dog going near it and eating the leaves.They should be kept away from these plants as it can cause problems like:-

Dilation in pupil,slowing of heart rate,weakness in their body,severe gastrointestinal problems etc.


This is a very beautiful plant grows upto 15 feet.They can be kept in indoors as well as outdoors as they need little or no light for their growth.This plant is considered to be very dangerous for animals,it can cause diseases like:-



Aloe vera has multiple health benefits be it for skin,hair or stomach.Hence people often plant aloe vera at their homes.But this aloe vera is very much harmful for your dogs as it can cause problems like:-

lethargy,vomiting,diarrhea,nervous system depression,change in urine color.


They are commonly known as” Glad.These colorful plants are kept indoors as they need adequate amount of sunlight for their growth.They grow upto height of 2-5 feet.Their flowers range from very small to large upto 5 inches.Problems caused by dogs because of them:-

drooling.diarrhea,general lethargy.


Such beautiful flowers, who wouldn’t want to have them in their gardens.The most amazing thing about tulips is that its flowers grow in 4 colors.Unlike the above mentioned plants it could be more dangerous for your dog as the problems caused by it are:-

nervous system depression,gastrointestinal problems,convulsions and even death.


These beautiful yellow flowers that you either plant in your garden or get it from the market and keep it anywhere like that should always be kept away from your dog’s reach as it can be dangerous for him and can cause serious health issues like:

salivation,tremors,diarrhea,low blood pressure,upset stomach ,and even fits

Baby’s Breath:-

You must have seen them in wedding decors or the bouquets you receive on your birthdays they are often paired with other flowers to enhance their beauty.These flowers having the capability to beautify any place has the capability to cause serious problems like:


If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms after your dog has eaten the leaves of these poisonous plants do not wait for a single minute and immediately call his vet .

Hope it was important and you enjoyed it .Keep reading


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