Things You Should Never Forget When Travelling With Your Dog

Who can be a better companion than your dog when you think of travelling,when your dog loves travelling more than you do.You can always take him without a second thought ,but with few things that he might need in the journey.So,in this blog I’ll list down that you must never forget for his comfort’s sake.


If you are planning on going to a cold places do not forget his winter clothes.As he might fall sick if he is not habitual of that weatherand you may as well not get his clothes there so it is better to keep at least two dresses for him.


This is must as you cannot afford to forget it.His first aid should contain medicines for nausea,vomiting,fever,NSAID or any vitamin or calcium syrups that you give him on a regular basis .You should never skip a single dose.It should also have all the necessary ointments.Concern his vet before taking him on a trip.


This will help you a lot when going on long hikes but make sure the leash is strong enough and you have a firm grip over him.If possible try to get a collar for him with his name embedded on him as with the help of this you’ll be able to find him if he ever gets lost.


Dogs don’t adapt to new environment very quickly you might face problems with his moods and especially with his food it would get very difficult to feed him if you don’t take the bowl he is familiar with or the one in which he eats his food at home.


There will be times when your dog would not like the journey or feel a bit irritated or stressed. For times like those you can always rely on the chews as these might divert his mind from the stress and that way both of you are able to enjoy your journey.


You should always carry a water bottle especially for them even if your not carrying one for yourself.


You should always carry his prescription or the medicines he is put on as you might need them at the new place ,if he falls sick or something.It would be easy for his vet to treat him accordingly,by looking at his medical history.


Never forget his food as you might not get the same brand that eats at the new place that you are going and without it he will not eat his food.If there are some special biscuits that you give him take them along with you and they can work as a backup for food.

P.S Always keep the windows down while travelling as they love taking their head out and enjoying the breeze by this both of you will enjoy the journey.

Hope you enjoyed.Keep reading.Thankyou.

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