Few Essentials For Your Dog!

If you are getting a dog for the first time in life handling him would be a bit difficult if you don’t have the right tools that he needs for his proper functioning as time passes by you will know more about your dog and his needs ,but there are few things that are most important for him otherwise he will get agitated and might bite you too .


The teething phase is one of the most important phases in your dog’s life it usually starts from 1st month and lasts for 9-10 months. During this phase, he will bite you a lot not because he is angry at you or he wants to say something just because teething causes itching in his mouth and to get rid of it he needs something super hard it could be your leg, the furniture anything. To avoid any such destruction you can give him chew sticks anytime he is agitated and he will happily enjoy his sticks. You can go with teethers too. Both of them are easily available in the market.


Proper control on your dog is something that all dog owners must learn and it is only achievable with a leash. When you take your dog to walks a leash is a must that time else he’ll run anywhere he wants and that is not safe. You will have to change the leash as he grows older. A proper distance should be maintained between you and your dog.


When buying the food you should make sure it provides enough nutrition to your dog in his growing years.Always go with the food your dog likes it could be Pedigree ,Drools or Purepet or any brand your dog loves to eat.


Get your dog at least 2 bowls one for water and the other one for food .It is one time investment and is completely reusable.Make sure when you buy the bowls they are big enough as you can use them once he grows old.Stainless steel bowls are mostly prefered as they are easy to wash.

Grooming kit:-

It should have his nail cutter because if his nails will grow much you will be the first one on whom he will be making designs,and those drawings do hurt a lot.Shampoo for all the times he is covered with sand after a nice running session with you.Remember the shampoo should be a mild one.Fresh coat,when he stinks bad and to get rid of the germs.


This is the most important thing of all your dog should have a collar with his own identity which makes it easy for you to recognise him amidst 100 same doga. Identity could be in any form his name, a symbol, his initials etc. But make sure it is unique in some form.

I hope you know now where to invest and where not to.

Thank you.

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