Evening Snacks For Your Dogs.

Does your dog not makes those cute faces when you take a bite of your favourite PAKORA while enjoying the rains, on a rainy day or just having a hot cup of coffee on a chilly winter evening with biscuits. Although they can’t eat what you are eating but shouldn’t there be something new and different for them when they wake up in the evening. Yes, there should be so in this blog I’ll mention all the food items that are healthy and tasty and that can make his evening just PERFECT!


Is just perfect for your dog because they love hard things to chew be it their chew sticks or the furniture at your home or your slippers this is because their teething phase is going on and hard things help them with that. Moreover, coconut is very healthy for him as it boosts his immune system. Just like coconut is good for our hair it is good for your dog too as it makes his hair shinier and thicker. It is one of the major ingredients in their shampoos.


Ever thought the peanut butter you think is healthy for you to make your bones even your furball can enjoy that with you if you don’t mind sharing some? Yes though peanut butter is sweet in taste your dog can have it because dogs are allergic to an ingredient called”XYLITOL” if that is not present in your butter you can give it to him without any worries. Even you can give him with bread, but it should be brown bread(Wheat). You can always give him the butter you eat no need to buy a special one for him.


Dogs are crazy about dairy products be it Milk,yogurt or Paneer.You can just add them in their boring food and they’ll eat it happily .Yogurt on the other hand can be given along with adding his favourite fruit or even without adding it it works just fine .He enjoys both of them .Make sure you don’t add any spice to his yogurt just like you add in yours.Apart from taste yogurt is rich in calcium.It helps in digestion of food.If your dog is suffering from diarrhea this is your one stop solution .


If you are a dog owner you have to constantly think about what new you should give your dog so that he eats it and enjoys it too. So you can always rely on oatmeal no matter how boring it seems, he enjoys it. You can give him with cherries or berries as both of them have an abundance of calcium in them, or you can mix it with anything of his choice.

Hope the above mentioned things will help you with your daily struggles to decide what you ‘ll be giving him next .Keep loving,Keep reading.

Thank you.

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