Fruits you should give your dog

Fruits are as important for dogs as they are for humans as they are rich in calcium, fibres. But not every fruit that you give is good for his health. You can give him seasonal fruits. So in this blog, I’ll list all the fruits which he can eat along with the benefits.


What I often do is add Papaya to his food since it is something he is crazy about, and the best part is it is good for his health too, but make sure you don’t give him the seeds as they are not good for health. You can add papaya in his boring chapati and milk and can make it interesting. It could be any fruit for you not necessarily papaya.


It is good for their digestion as it contains plenty of fibres which is good for his digestion.It’s okay for your dog to even eat its skin as it’s good for health,but if he is not able to digest it do not give him the skin.


Pineapple is a great fruit for dogs but care should be taken that it should not be given in excess amount as it is too sweet for them.It should be given in small pieces and should be nicely peeled off as it contains thorns in them that an hurt them.Giving him 4-5 slices in a day should be enough the best thing is it can work as treat too.If you are training him you can use pineapple in place of his favourite bone or biscuits .


It is rich in calcium, phosphorus,potassium,magnesium,iron and zinc.

It is good for immune system and digestive system as it is also a fibrous fruit.


You can always count on apples as they are very healthy you can give him as much as he wants without worrying about his health as apple is not very sweet unlike other fruits but contains all the required vitamins like other fruits, but the thing is apples with most dogs don’t like apples like my dog he hates apple. If your dog loves it you can add an apple to his meal too. There is no such thing as too much apple for your dog. “An apple a day keeps the vet away”.


It is a great source of vitamin A, C and dietary fibre.

Apples are great when it comes to your dog’s teeth it keeps their teeth shiny and white. They are considered to be your dog’s brush.


Bananas work as great treat when it comes to dogs,being high in sugar content it is healthy for your dog.You can give him 1-2 banana a day,it can work as a snack too,when he is not in a mood for food you can give him banana instead.


Rich in Vitamin C, potassium,fibres and Vitamin B6.

Helps in constipation

It contains Biotin which is good for his hair .


Just like us our fur balls too love watermelons and they can eat it too.There is not harm in giving him watermelon but in the right amount and seeds should be avoided and it should be peeled off.


As dogs don’t drink much water,watermelon can help you with this problem because it keeps your dog hydrated all through the day.

Hope this blog helped you decide the right fruits for your dog .

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