DO’S and DON’TS for first 45 days.

New dog owners many a time don’t know how to feed their pup. As this is the most important time and the most crucial time. Therefore, proper care is to be taken during the first 45 days. Puppies are same as newborn babies they require same attention and extensive care in their growth years.So, I’ll mention all the things to be kept in mind during this period.


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The most preferred food for the first 45 days is considered to be cerelac with milk the ratio should be 2:1 as cerelac is easy to digest puppies cannot digest solid food and cerelac is rich in all the nutrioents that are required in the growth years and it is very easy to prepare too.

NOTE:-If you want to increase the quantity of the food you are giving than on the first if after 2-3 meals he is able to tolerate the mixture than gradually you can increase it from the next day.


Some dogs or pups love to sit or rest on wet surfaces but this should be avoided as because of this they could develop skin infections such as ringworm and it considered as a lifelong disease or could get ticks unlike human ticks their ticks are considered to be dangerous.So wet surfaces for dogs is always a big ” NO”.


Proper care should be taken that your puppy doesn’t eat soil from your garden as this is not good for his health this could lead to bacterial infections that could later cause severe diarrhea.Do consult a vet if he continues to do this as this could be one of the reason that he is not getting the required nutrients .In such cases the doctors suggest some syrups that contain the right amount of nutrients for your puppy.


Leash should be avoided during this age as their bones are not properly developed and applying unnecessary force could cause exertion and serious bone injuries .You can tie a collar around their necks for identification but it should be tight around their necks


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